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Thursday, May 27, 2010

End Of School Diplomas, Commas

Today is our official last full day of school. We have no school Monday, and DJ will be just finishing up math, and vocabulary workbooks next week. That is it, and now I have to put portfolios together for our evaluations. It has been a great school year, and over the summer months I will be posting videos, and websites I have found for various topics, most I will actually be using for next year. I will start with commas. DJ has learned about commas in a series. But there are so many other reasons to put commas. Next year his grammar lessons will be more advanced than he has already learned. I will be posting great videos to help him, me, and even you learn the very complicated grammar rules.

If you homeschool and you want to treat your child to a nice graduating diploma from kindergarten, high school, or any other grade I have found some nice free ones you can print, and use as you wish. You can click right here, to see the variety of ones available. My kids like these, and they make them feel they have accomplished something great.


betchai said...

oh, so good for you to have school over and start enjoying the summer break, Melissa. hope your kids will have a wonderful and fun summer, and you too.

Melissa said...

Thank you Betchai, and I hope you have an awesome summer as well.

Anne said...

Congrats to the kids for a successful completion of another school year. My kids still have another month (almost).

Melissa said...

Thank you, Anne. DJ just has tidbits to finish up, and that is it.

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