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Monday, May 3, 2010

Roses, American Boys Handybook Part 1, Phonics

I have quite a line up for all of you today.

First my rose bushes. I tried to get all the buds in the picture, but I am not sure it did so. The yellow one is actually quite large. The two red ones, and then there is another red one, that the flowers have fallen off, and will get new buds soon. The pink one is just budding now.

My good friends Ms Laura, and Ms Kristy told me about a book called the American Boys Handybook. I had looked at buying it, then forgot about it. Today, and tomorrow Homeschool Freebie of the Day, is offering it in PDF format, for free Yay I love free! Hurry and go to their website to sign up for the free newsletter, so you can get it too.

Since Caitlin has finished her workbooks for kindergarten, and my printer has died, she will be watching educational online videos, and playing educational games. She will start today with this phonics video.

Lesson Plans For 05/04/10:

Science: Week #4 Rotten log experiment, reptiles review
Cursive Writing
Language Arts: Vocabulary review test
Sign Language: Review
Math: Customary measurement, addition, subtraction

Phonics: On computer
Reading: Pick one book from reading list
Flash Cards
Site Words
Math: Subtraction with number line
Printing Practice
Science: Reptiles


onlinewriter said...

hi,melissa! u have nice rose bushes, i envy u. coz here, i don't have that space, i only have the rooftop so flower pots are needed. your video is cute as well,bianca is way past it but i know she will still enjoy it. thanks for sharing. =)

Ebie said...

Lucky you with all those roses! I do not have a green thumb and I just satisfy myself with visits to the Botanical Gardens. Spring is the best time.

Anne said...

Your rose bushes are lovely. I have a black thumb and even if I didn't, roses make yummy deer food. They would never last around here.

Melissa said...

Rochelle, you could always plant mini rose bushes, that grow wonderful in pots.

Ebie I would say my thumb is more yellow green, than green, but I am constantly working at it.

Anne deer are one thing we don't have here in town. They are right on the outskirts, I always see them when I am driving. My mom has them eat hers though in the boonies where she lives.

Kristy said...

Beautiful roses Ms. Melissa! You have such a green thumb! I can't wait to see your veggie plants this year. I planted my tomato plant in my Topsy Turvy so I will let you know how it goes.

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