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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Double Digit Division

My post is late, because we had a crazy day. Play date at the park was awesome. It did get a bit warm towards the end. We will have to start having swim play dates, it is just too hot in Florida this time of year. We had a leak under our kitchen sink that ruined part of my nice new floor. So a good friend of ours helped my husband fix it today, and their kids, and my kids swam, and then pizza. So I am just getting online now. As I stated I have introduced DJ to double digit division, and he picked it up so easy, I almost keeled over. The video below will help any child learning double digit division to understand it. It is completely black when it starts but don't worry it is working, it is kind of a blackboard. Our evaluations have been set for June 8th, and thank goodness my evaluator has no puppies this year LOL. That is the day before our scheduled last day of school, so it is perfect.

Lesson Plans For 05/13/10:

Cursive Writing
Health: Nutrition review
What State Am I: Parts three, and four, computer research
Math: Adding fractions, meters and kilometers, mixed math review
Language Arts: Nouns

Printing Practice
Math: See, say, write, and count
Phonics: Match the opposite words
Reading: Choose one book from the list
Site Words
Flash Cards


Anne said...

I am curious about the evaluation. Does the evaluator quiz the kids or is there a written test? Good luck to both kids (and you, of course). I hope it goes great.

ruthi said...

Good to hear that the kids had an awesome time at the park and thanks for sharing the video... very informative. I had to admit, Math is my weakness subject back in school. But my mom was patient enough to teach us the basic so we were already counting up to 100 and can tell time when we started 1st Grade. Moms are the best teachers indeed.

Femmepower said...

nice date with the family,melissa. it's great that you're allotting time for family activities.i salute u. thanks for the video as well,i'll check it out with bianca.

Melissa said...

Anne the evaluator does test but not in the sense you might think. We make a portfolio for her to review, and she asks questions, and evals how they have developed from the previous year. They are not evaluated on what other public school kids learn. It costs about 50 bucks per child, and you can take the standardized test in its place through the public school if you wish to use that as an evaluation. That is the rule in FL, all the states have their own laws regarding homeschool evaluations.

Ms Ruthi, and Rochelle, thank you I do enjoy teaching them very much.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the video link!

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