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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teaching The Metric System

Yuck, who likes to learn the metric system? Not me, and it isn't much fun trying to teach it either. Thank goodness for all of you, I have scoured the internet to find free, and fun resources for you to teach, and or learn the metric system. The video below of course kids will find more fun, than just reading or working on problems. I also found a website with tons of metric system resources all in one convenient place. You can find it by clicking right here. Kids don't really get into the metric system too deeply until sixth grade. But I find, with any math, introducing it early, and working at it helps by the time you actually have to learn it.

Yesterday I told you about The American Boys Handybook, well today you can get the second part of this great book for boys. If you go to Homeschool Freebie of the Day, you can download it, and be sure to sign up for their free newsletter so you don't miss any of their free stuff. I only list some of them.

Lesson Plans For 05/05/10:

Social Studies: Lewis and Clark review, How lakes form review
Math: Division, metric measurements
Language Arts: Reading test, this will complete the language arts workbook
Cursive Writing
Reading Comprehension: This will complete this workbook

Phonics: On computer
Reading: Pick one book from reading list
Flash Cards
Site Words
Math: Subtraction with number line
Printing Practice


Kristy said...

Thanks for all the wonderful information you always provide!

Anne said...

I like the metric system. It seems much more user friendly than the U.S. customary system.

Melissa said...

Ms Kristy and Ms Anne, thank you for your comments. I guess if I had to pick the metric is a little easier, but neither if them are much fun to teach to kids who just stare at me like huh LOL. It is a lot to remember.

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