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Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun Friday: The Cherry Tree

I love the cherry tree, and their beautiful blossoms. The Cherry Tree Festival is a big deal in this country, in Washington, DC. There is actually a history to the US cherry tree, and the Cherry Tree Festival. The video below will explain it to you. I do not believe cherry trees will grow in Florida, apple trees don't either. Well apple trees will grow, but they do not produce any fruit, it is too warm.


Ruthi said...

Very interesting. They also have this kind of festival in Japan. Just like you, I love cherry trees because of the blossoms.

Melissa said...

Mother Nature is amazing.

Ebie said...

I have read about the history of the Cherry Trees, and our Japanese Garden here in Van Nuys, have shared a few trees from the Japanese govt.

I love the blooms, but they only last a short time.

Melissa said...

Yes, like a lot of plants, the flowers never last long enough for me either. So lovely for a short time.

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