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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Don't worry I am not crazy. I know today is not actually Mother's Day, tomorrow is. But tomorrow is also Caitlin's birthday, so instead of one huge post, I figured I would do two smaller posts. Being a mother is the most interesting job in the world. It is stressful, and rewarding all rolled up into one beautiful little package called your child. I didn't have my first child until I was 31. I actually didn't prefer to ever be a mother. I was raised with a lot of responsibility, and I just wanted to have fun. Then when I hit 30 it like slapped me, you need to start thinking about being a mom. Trust me if you don't want children don't think about it, because thinking about it seems to be a trigger LOL. One of our family friends asked me after I had DJ, how did it feel to be a mom? My answer was, different. They all laughed, but I was serious it was the most different thing I had ever done.

If you are reading this I would love if you would share a story from your childhood, that drove your mother crazy. Mine is funny. My mother tells this story every now and then. Seems I was not a perfect child, I know it is a surprise to me too. I was independent, determined, and really did not like to be told what to do. I could be aggressive if it suited my needs. I was a cute little child though LOL. Anyway my mother always put my long blonde hair in braided pigtails for school. It was first grade, and a little boy liked to yank said pigtails. One day a gentleman knocked on my mothers door. She didn't know who he was, and he said standing there with a small boy with a black eye, your son punched my son. My mother didn't say she didn't have a son, and just called me to the door. She said to me did you punch this little boy in the face? I said yes I did. The man looked at me, and said to his son did this GIRL give you the black eye? He said yes that is her. I think he was more mad that a girl gave him the black eye, because he huffed off with his son, without another word. My mother said to me why would you do that? I said because I told him to stop pulling my pigtails, and he wouldn't, so I gave him a knuckle sandwich. I did get punished, and was made to say the dreaded sorry word, he did after all pull my hair several times, and did not stop when I asked. I did not see the justice in this at all, so unfair. I don't recall ever doing that again, so my punishment must have been pretty good. My mother claims I was a terrible child, I don't believe it for one minute LOL.

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Ruthi said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Melissa. Hope you'll have a wonderful one.

onlinewriter said...

Happy mother's day,melissa! and happy bday to caitlin tomorrow. so u were an independent girl back then. me,i was one of the boys coz most of the kids in our clan are boys.i usually played in the streets,running wild and i loved climbing trees and hanging myself from the branches upside mom would go nuts,lol!

Melissa said...

Ms Rochelle you were quite the tomboy huh? My Caitlin is a bit of a tomboy herself.

Thank you Ms Ruthi, I hope you are having a wonderful day as well.

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