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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Community Helpers Grade 1

I signed DJ and Caitlin up for 4H today. Let me tell you it is not your mother's 4H. They offer more than 120 programs for you to choose from, and you can order right online. DJ picked photography, and Caitlin picked butterflies. It was kind of hard for a six year old to pick. I am very much looking forward to the 4H experience. Tomorrow is Social Studies, and DJ will be doing Ancient Times, and Caitlin is doing Community Helpers, and whatever part of Ancient Times she might be interested in listening to. There are two videos below that you can use as supplement to your Community Helpers lesson.

Lesson Plans For 09/15/10:

Social Studies: History of the World Ancient Times, and map work, there are two crafts with this lesson, cave painting, and how to build a hut. These will be done on Friday if not completed tomorrow.
Math: Problem solving, fractions, addition, subtraction
Language Arts: Regular plural nouns, spelling list number one
Writing: Staying on topic
Reading: Reading comprehension with worksheet

Math: Addition
Social Studies: Community helpers
Color Recognition: Worksheet
Language Arts: Blends dr, beginning sounds
Spelling: Sight words list one
Printing Practice
Calendar work, clock work, sight words, and skip counting


Kristy said...

That is awesome that DJ and Caitlin are signed up for 4-H. I still want to sign David up for 4-H but am still unsure how to go about doing it. I hope you are all doing well.

Ebie said...

Photography is a nice hobby, I am glad he picked that. A future PRO in the making.

Melissa said...

Ms Kristy I posted something to your Facebook wall earlier.

Ms Ebie I think he would love to be a nature photographer. I hope he enjoys it.

Anne said...

I always thought 4H was farm-related but photography and butterflies doesn't sound anything like a farm. I hope they enjoy it. It sounds like fun.

Melissa said...

Ms Anne, when you and I were kids that is what 4H was. Now it has over 120 courses to choose from. It is really pretty awesome.

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