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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Panda Bears and Bamboo

Besides being incredibly cute, there is an actual reason that I am talking about Panda Bears today. I am hoping someone who has some knowledge on the subject will enlighten me. This has nothing to do with school, but is more of something that has peaked my thought process. So I am going to say what I know about Pandas and Bamboo and you can either tell me I am right, wrong, or add more details to the statements as needed.

This is what I know about Panda Bears and Bamboo. Panda Bears are extremely endangered species. Their only source of food that they eat is the Bamboo plant. The Bamboo plant in and of itself is an endangered plant. Panda Bears are not very good at mating, making it harder to re-establish the Panda population.

Those are the things I know. I would really like to know if Bamboo comes in other varieties other than the kind the Panda Bear eats, or is it a one source, one type only plant?

Tomorrow is the first playdate with our homeschool friends, of the new school year. We will be doing History in the morning which is Chapter 2 of Ancient Times, with activities. Caitlin is on week two of Community Helpers. Plus map skills for DJ. Then after lunch it is all playtime. I have learned something about 4H. There is not a whole lot for the younger learner. I purchased the Butterfly curriculum for Caitlin thinking it was age appropriate. It was not. It was for fourth graders threw 8th grade. So I had to go back to the site to find something for her. I was able to find All About Animals, and All About Soil. These were free to download, so I was happy about that. We will beginning the curriculum's next week. They will be incorporated into Science lessons for the school year.


Anne said...

I love panda bears but don't know anything about bamboo (although my kitchen floor is bamboo. I didn't think it was endangered which is why they make flooring out of it.

thedickdujour said...

I don't believe that bamboo is endangered. Actually it grows extremely fast and as such is used as a "green" building material.

Melissa said...

That is why I asked, because I didn't think bamboo was endangered but I read that it was being regenerated, which led me to believe that it might be. I will try to remember which website I read that on, so I can review it again and see if I misunderstood what they were trying to convey to their readers about the bamboo. Thank you to both of you.

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