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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Margaret Bourke-White

Tomorrow for art class we are studying Margaret Bourke-White. If you do not know her story, you might want to watch the short video below, and there is tons of information available on her in the search engines. She was a famous female photographer. If time permits at the end of the day, both children get to play educational computer games. This is ongoing but I don't always say it.

Lesson Plans For 09/17/10:

Reading: The Story of the White House with book report
Art: Margaret Bourke-White, Draw Write Now Native Americans, canoes, and cave writings. The cave writings is from our history assignment this week, and they have to make a cave painting using animals or symbols to leave a message on the walls.
Music: Childrens sing along songs, music appreciation
Sign Language: This week we learned to sign two full sentences. I am happy to meet you. Where were you born. Next week we will go on to the next chapter.
Writing: My summer vacation on DJ's blog
Spelling Test

Reading: Fat Cat and one other book of choice
Sight words, calendar work, clock work, spelling words
Math: Skip count by twos
Art: Same as above minus Margaret Bourke-White
Music: Childrens sing along songs, music appreciation
Sign Language

1 comment:

Tricia said...

The "Mother" slide is a photograph of a migrant mother during the 30s depression and dust bowl. This photography is by the famous photographer Dorthea Lange, not Margaret Bourke White. Thanks.

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