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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Make Your Own Archaeology Dig

Tomorrow is history class and we will beginning the History of the World Ancient Times series. This is my first time using a curriculum with a direct biblical reference. I have already read through the series and worksheets, and have decided to use all four of the series. Each series is a one year curriculum. Tomorrow we begin with the introduction, which covers how we know what happened and archaeology. If you want a fun hands on way to teach your kids about archaeology, then you need to have a dig in your own back yard. It is really quite easy to do. Take some stuff from your home, dishes, toys, maybe an old cell phone, things that are a staple of our period of time. Take them out to your yard and bury them. Then have your kids look for, and dig them up. Pretend you are from the future, and what these items tell about the people of their time. If you have any cool artifacts from the past those would be cool to bury, and discuss as well. I wish I had a black and white console TV LOL! That would be kind of hard to bury. I have not told Caitlin and DJ we were doing this yet because I don't want them to watch me bury them, and it case it rains it will be postponed. Use an old toothbrush for them to brush the dirt off the items, like in a real dig. Have fun, and let me know if you try it. Plus the book calls for a family tree to be made, but I have decided to have them make a History of Me lapbook instead.

Lesson Plans For 09/08/2010:

History: Story of the World Ancient Times: Introduction
Language Arts: Common nouns
Math: Solid figures, fractions, word problems
Reading: Australia's Giant Toads, reading comprehension
Map Skills: Comparing map projections
Writing: The Main Idea

Sight Words
Calendar Work
History: As above
Math: Addition
Pnonics/Language Arts: Blends-bl, beginning sounds, Pooh's beginning consonants, short O words
Printing Practice
Same/Different worksheet
If time permits learning games on Gamequarium link is provided at the bottom of this blog in the links section. There are tons of educational games on this site, for all ages.

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