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Monday, September 13, 2010

Do You Have Tons Of Old And Broken Crayons?

If you have children, then the answer is probably yes! Now you can recycle reuse those crayons. We are on week two of our Science lesson about reduce, recycle, and reuse. Below the video will show how in ten minutes you can use all those unwanted crayons, making new and exciting colors of crayons.

Lesson Plans For 09/14/10:

Science: Week 2 of Reduce, recycle and reuse. Plus taking heat, how to use a thermometer wk 2
Math: Fractions, addition, subtraction
Writing: Main idea and details
Language Arts: Spelling list 1 write each word two times each, and regular plural nouns
Reading: Reading Comprehension with worksheet

Science: Week 2 of Reduce, reuse, and recycle
Math: Addition
Reasoning: Worksheet
Sight Words, clock and calendar work, skip counting, printing practice, spelling list 1
Language Arts: Short U, blends br, beginning sounds
Same/Different: Worksheet


Rochelle@mom-says said...

Oh,thanks, this is for us. We have lots and lots of broken crayons that Bianca vehemently refuses to throw into the trash.

Melissa said...

My kids don't like to throw them out either. Taking off the wrappers is the worst part of the whole project.

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