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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday Is Art And Music Day

Last year Fridays were test days. This year it will be a little different. Fridays will be mainly for reading, writing, music, and art. I don't follow a particular music curriculum, after all I can't play an instrument myself. We do have a I Can Play Piano, that the kids use. We also listen to various music pieces, and learn about musicians. I would like to thank all of you who stopped by to wish us well wishes after our very tough day yesterday. Today was a smooth day, with just some I am missing Krypto tears. We were able to catch up on all the lessons, except the archaeology dig, which will be done eventually. I have to say about The Story of the World curriculum, DJ loves it so far. He is so interested in the ancient maps, and what happened thousands of years ago. Caitlin however could give a rats behind, and I don't think barely listened to anything we discussed. I know a lot of homeschoolers teach the same curriculum to all their children for ease, but I won't be doing this one with Caitlin this year. I will switch to something more appropriate, and she will learn first grade related material based on Native Americans, being a good citizen, community helpers, phone numbers etc. I can copy the worksheets, so when she is old enough I can still use it for her without buying another student workbook. We are supposed to be doing sign language as well, but somehow I can not find the book I bought. So until I do, we will use the videos posted in the archives.

Lesson Plans For 09/10/10:

Art: Rosa Bonheur animals with texture skills, and Birch bark canoe from Draw Write Now
Music: I can play piano
Reading: The Story of Mount Vernon book with book report
Writing: My summer vacation, blog post
Cursive Writing
Proofreading: Worksheet

Art: Rosa Bonheur animals with texture skills, Birch bark canoe from Draw Write Now
Music: I can play piano
Reading: Book one of Animal Antics series: Fat Cat
Printing Practice
Calendar Work
Clock Work

A quick note for all of you who get the History Channel. On Saturday at 9 PM, they will be having a special on 911. I will be recording this for the kids to watch at a later date. We have discussed this in the past, and I think at least DJ is old enough to watch it. Also on 09/17 on the History Channel website, is a live webcast for children to learn about the importance of the Constitution, from 12-12:45 PM. I hope to remember to have them watch this.


Ebie said...

I do not know if its a precaution but on 9/11, there will be no power in our office building. You know, some work on weekends.

It is a sad day to remember.

Melissa said...

Yes it is a very sad day in our history. I know my life changed in a big way after it happened. I have worked every weekend since we moved to FL, but my job can't really go without power very well.

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