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Monday, September 27, 2010

Parts Of A Camera, Weathering, and Weather Fronts

Tomorrow is Science class, and DJ actually has four different Science areas to study. Because this is our first week of 4H lessons, he has lesson one which basically is getting to know your camera. He also has his first photo shoot, which will have the theme of apples. Apples because it is Fall, and we are studying Johnny Appleseed on Wednesday. His photos will be posted each week on his writing blog. There are three videos below. One for parts of the camera, the weather process, and weather fronts. DJ and Caitlin are also finishing their final week of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. DJ will do a blog post on Friday about what he learned. I found, with much difficulty, printable diagrams showing parts of cameras for a 35mm camera, and a digital camera, for comparison between the two. Caitlin will be doing some Fall crafts I found in an Allyou magazine. You can go to their website and download the templates for your kids for free.

Lesson Plans For 09/28/10:

Science: See above
Math: Multiplication, mixed math, if time permits math fraction games
Spelling: Chapter 3 write each word three times each

Science: Week 4 of Reduce, reuse, and recycle
Math: Addition
Language Arts: Blends gl, ending sounds, spelling list three
Printing Practice
Same/Different: Worksheet
Color Black: Worksheet
Fall Decorating and Crafts

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