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Saturday, January 28, 2012

4H County Events 2012

This is DJ and Caitlin's second 4H County Events. This is a competition and fun day. Last year we just basically watched and learned. DJ did do a photo last year, and won a blue ribbon. The ladybug picture shown was his entry this year, and he won first place again. Now it will go to District Events in May. I hope to be able to attend that this year.

Caitlin did the fashion show wearing a dress she helped sew. She also assisted her brother in his demonstration. Because she is a cloverbud she won a participation green ribbon. Next year she will no longer be a clover bud.

DJ also did a demonstration on the Florida dung beetle. This was his first time doing a demonstration, and people were still talking about it later. He is a very good speaker and once he got over the jitters he did very well. He won first place for that as well, and will be able to do the same demonstration at District Events. Because he is 11 he can't go to State level, but next year he will be able to. They were both so nervous I was afraid they would back out. But they did it, and did it well, and I am one proud momma today. I am also very tired. It is a very long day, that starts way too early. I am so glad I decided to get my kids involved in 4H.


betchai said...

oh wow, big congratulations to both DJ and Caitlin, so happy for you all. May they continue to be inspired pursuing their dreams and what they want to become. Of course, congratulations to you, Melissa, for such a wonderful mom and teacher to them.

Anne said...

Congratulations to both! I have heard great things about 4H and it definitely sounds like great experience for both of them.

Melissa said...

Thank you so much Betchai and Anne. Your encouragement keeps me motivated. Anne 4H is a wonderful group, and I would encourage all kids to join. It is not just for agriculture anymore either.

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