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Monday, January 9, 2012

Can You Guess What This Picture Is?

Can you guess what the picture is? I have gotten a lot of interesting responses the other place that it was posted.

Today was our first day back to lessons. It was a good day and we accomplished a lot. DJ took longer on his math than I would have liked, but it is all good. Lovely weather here in FL until Friday when it gets cold again for a few days.

Lesson Plans For 01/09/2012:

Reading: Read the last chapter of current book with book report due Friday.
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 57
Writing: Persuasive Writing: blog post
Spanish: Reading assignment on FLVS
Photography: Candid Shots

Head of the Class: 2 cycles
Months of the Year
Printing Practice
Math: Greater less and equal, time, subtraction, addition flash cards
Spelling: Matching
Language Arts: Exclamations, spelling words ending in ING


betchai said...

I'll keep quiet about the pic :) DJ took an excellent shot of unique photo moments.

Melissa said...

LOL most people say it is an eyeball, as you have read before. It is actually my reflection in a very tiny puddle. DJ took it on our walk.

Rose said...

That's too bad that the Spanish program is difficult to navigate. I'm glad that he's sticking with it, though. I look forward to seeing the tissue art!

Melissa said...

Thank you, Rose. I think it will get easier the more he does it. I think it is very important to learn a second language. I wish I had when I was his age. I took one year of French because that is all that was required twenty five years ago.

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