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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Volunteering and Pinterest

Well we have finished out our last week of Christmas break, with a bang. Wednesday we painted, Thursday playdate at the park, Friday I felt like crap, and today we volunteered with our 4H group at Otter Springs.

This is not the same place we volunteer at with our homeschool friends. 4H is all about learning leadership and citizenship. So this year they decided to do a volunteer day. Since we have such a wide age range in our group, it wasn't easy finding someone to let us volunteer. Otter Springs was more than willing to let us help. I didn't take any pictures of the springs, well because we were busy and I forgot, lol! You can camp there as well, and they have a pool if you don't care for the springs. The first picture is a rather large sink hole, that was blocked off. If you don't know what a sink hole is, it is a part of the ground that just opens up into a hole. This one is very small in comparison to ones that people have fallen into and couldn't get out. It is so comforting to know you can wake up one day and your car our house could just be swallowed by a sink hole, not to mention your pets and children. The kids worked hard and had a good time. They filled the whole back of a truck with twigs, logs and sticks. One little boy, got himself in a mess, when he tried to pick up a rotten log that was infested with fire ants. The poor thing was covered in welts. He went home needless to say. We found a hollowed out tree stump, that the kids thought was a good time. I had to check it for curled up rattlesnakes, bees, and fire ants before they got in it. All in all a great day and the weather warmed up nice and even though there was a threat of rain, the sun didn't disappoint us. Back to school Monday.

Oh, I almost forgot! Pinterest is a new website I was introduced to. If any of you are members and want to be friends just let me know and we can get that done.


Demetria -Natural Homeschooling Mama said...

Would love to follow you on pinterest- I will look you up to follow. You can find me at: demetria zinga.

betchai said...

oh, you were still on break this week? not for me, but glad for you. fun pictures, melissa, I am glad you had so much fun, indeed, you ended your break with a bang!

Melissa said...

Demetria I guess I need your Facebook or email address to find you. I found someone but not sure if it is you or not.

Betchai, yes we took a little extra time off because we were actually doing some lessons over the break.

Rose said...

Great pictures! Looks like another good outing. I'm randomcreative on Pintrest if you want to look me up. :)

Anne said...

Were there any otters at Otter Springs? I just ask because that's the first thing I think about. You didn't mention otters, just a lot of trees.

I purposely don't do Pinterest. I will probably do it someday, I just feel like I spend too much time on Facebook already.

Melissa said...

Thank you Rose, I am now following you. Anne we did not see any otters, but they are there. They really didn't want the kids down by the water much. Pinterest really does not take up a lot of time, unless I am doing it wrong.

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