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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tissue Paper Art

Every two weeks we do painting class. Those of you who follow my blog know we are learning to paint the one stroke method. My mom wanted us to try Tissue Art? What is tissue art? It is toilet tissue that they get wet and set very tightly into molds and you get a lovely piece of tissue art. I thought we were going to learn how to make the pieces to paint, but since my mom was strapped for time, due to nasty weather, we just painted the ones we already had. No one seemed to be real impressed with them, so I am guessing we won't be doing them again. I have no idea what to do with them either, now that they are done, lol! I did the heart, each kid a pig, and my mom did the tiny ones. It was fun, but not very useful in my opinion. After that DJ practiced his Spanish lessons, and Caitlin painted a pink river dolphin. Our homeschool room, which is our dining room, is getting a new look so stay tuned for that.

As for today, we have a full day of lessons with all subjects involved. It is chilly and damp, so haven't decided yet if we will walk or not. The sun is shining though, and that is never a bad thing. Have an awesome day, everyone.


Anne said...

I think I agree with you about crafts. I like them to create something useful. I do think they are pretty.

Catherine said...

Dear Melissa, Every lesson has something to be learned in it. It brings out creativity for other projects. I do remember tissue paper art! My daughter made a Christmas wreath out of tissues. It really was nice. Blessings for a nice weekend, Catherine xo

Melissa said...

Thanks Anne.

Catherine, I agree and they are lovely. However, since wasting things is something I loathe, I really find no useful use for these other than as an art project for school. I am sure I will find something useful for them, I just have no idea what. A Christmas wreath could be used over and over. A pig not so sure. We are redecorating our classroom so they may end up as wall art. Have a great weekend to you as well.

betchai said...

wow, love your tissue paper art, they are awesome. they look so cool.

Melissa said...

Thank you, Betchai.

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