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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spanish Is Not So Much Fun

LOL DJ is not enjoying the FLVS Spanish classes. I can't say that I blame him, navigating through it is difficult. Then we couldn't figure out how to make the accents over the vowels, for certain words. Thankfully the teacher, and help from our homeschool group, and we have figured out how to do it. I also found it is easier for him to print off the lesson each day, then trying to go back and forth through the screens to review and compare. It doesn't say you can not do this, and normally you would have a textbook, so for now it is working well for DJ. He still has a very good grade, just frustrated with the difficulties navigating.

Next week my mom is teaching us tissue art. It is done with toilet paper, no not reused or recycled, water, and cookie cutters. I tried to find a Youtube video to show you, but there weren't any. So you will have to wait and be curious just like me. She already made a few, for us to look at, and it is really amazing. We will be making more and then painting them. I have decided for my own personal painting that I am going to pick one picture and paint it over and over until I get it right. I am not sure my mom will agree with me, but that is how I learn, through repetition. After next weeks class, I have decided that the kids will have more basic art projects each week. The first one will be to create a scenic picture of their choice, using only three colors. Rather than concentrating on strokes they will concentrate on color concepts, blending, and making new colors. DJ is almost finished with his bear book, that he did through the National Zoo. This was a long project and he has worked hard on it. Next he will begin doing his Dung Beetle poster board, for his demonstration at 4H County Events. He picked this topic because we have lots of them, and Caitlin and him have been studying insects in their 4H project book. We even have one that was once alive, but found deceased in our yard. It will be for model purposes.

Lesson Plans for 01/10/12:

Science: National Zoo bears book, physical and chemical properties
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 58

Head of the Class: 3 cycles
Spelling: Matching
Math: Greater than and less than, addition, subtraction, pictographs
Language Arts: Command sentences, words ending in ING
Science: The Water Cycle, wetlands


Samual James said...

Hey, i totally agree with this blog,classes are really beneficial for everyone.I think your advice is excellent. Learning a language is a continuous, everyday happening. You learn little-by-little. I firmly believe in reading target novels you have previously read in your own language. Good idea!Love it.
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Melissa said...

Thank you, Samual James.

Anne said...

I am sorry about Spanish. I can't wait to hear more about tissue art. I have toilet paper, water and cookie cutters. I might even be able to handle it.

Melissa said...

Anne, lol!

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