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Monday, January 23, 2012

Just A Hum Drum Day

Well it is Monday, again. The weather here in Florida is exceptionally warm for January. I am not complaining mind you, but it does make me nervous as to what the Spring and Summer will bring. There have already been Spring patterns for severe weather in the south, and I really am not happy about that. The pink flowers are already blooming, another sign that things are not normal.

I am off from work for the next three Saturdays. Though I love that, because I can get a lot done around the house, my pocketbook will be sweating it. We have two field trips coming up, in the next two months, albeit affordable ones, and my sister is coming for a visit sometime in there as well. I will have lots of extra time to paint as well. My house should be spotless by the end of the three weeks. Don't hold your breath, lol.

DJ is moving along well in the Spanish on FLVS, and is maintaining a B. I am very pleased with this, though I will not admit it is easy, because it isn't. I still have to average their grades for report cards, that should be completed soon.

I am continuing to cut calories, and exercise when I can, to lose weight and have all around better health. I have decided that at least twice a week, maybe three, I will replace baked beans with my meat source. Only I will be doing this, as no one else in my family has any interest in eating beans with me, lol! They have like 90% less fat than most meats, and tons of iron, calcium, fiber and protein. I hope I can stick with it. I am down to one Pepsi a day, and really don't see myself ever giving it up completely. Somedays I cheat and have two, but mostly when I work. DJ has finished reading Dolphin Tale, book report due today, and is starting Treasure Island.

Lesson Plans For 1/23/12:

Reading: Treasure Island 2 chapters
Writing: Book report for, Dolphin Tale
Spanish: FLVS
Language Arts: Colons
Practice Speech for County Events

Head of the Class: 3 cycles
Math: Addition, fractions, object math
Social Studies: Fire safety
Language Arts: Plural words, nouns
Science: Habitats

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