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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Make Your Own Valentines

OK, I know someone is going to say I am weird, trust me I have heard it before. We have been invited to two Valentines Day parties. One for our homeschool group and one for our 4H group. For some strange reason our 4H group did it Monday. We did a cookie exchange instead of Valentines. This was something we voted on, because last year the kids just threw them out, didn't really read them, and seemed uncomfortable with the corny I love you, your cute, be mine and other sayings on them. You know how teens and preteens are with that stuff. So, now for the homeschool group, of course they want to do Valentines. I was the only weirdo that voted no. Figures I know. So, I have decided we will be making our own. No, this is not less expensive, by the time you figure in the ink to print them, and the candy we will use in the center, but we will add our own sayings like, glad we are friends, your so nice, etc. I was going to add short blessings, but I can not seem to find any short blessings, other than like God loves you, but that is not really what I wanted. We will also be making a candy bouquet for the party. This is my first time attempting this, and you still have to wait to see it, lol! So, if you are weird like me, and you want to make your own Valentines, here are two links that will give you some cute free printable ideas. After you print them you color them, or paint, and then either stick a lollipop into the center, or affix a heart shaped piece of wrapped candy. Link number one, link number two.

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