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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kielbasa, Onions and Peppers Over Pasta

OK so I have had a very busy day today. I am trying a few new things for this blog. One I want to share more crafty ideas, ideas for experiments, and of course some favorite food recipes I love or would like to try. The kids had a full day of school, and all went as planned. I spent more time on Facebook, today, than I think I ever have, lol!

I got this idea to do Caitlin's hair in the shape of a heart from Pinterest. I didn't do it exactly as shown, but you get the idea. If you have Pinterest you can check my pins for the tutorial. It is very cute, I just need to tweak it a little. Since Caitlin does not like her hair fussed with, she was not a good model.

One of my favorite, and easy meals to make, is Kielbasa with onions, red peppers, served over angel hair pasta. Since I am trying to learn to take better pictures, I thought I would try food. If you read recipe blogs their pictures look good enough to eat themselves. So I was curious how to achieve this. I am still curious, lol. You can see the steam rising, and obviously it is cooking, but that is about it. To make simply cook the Kielbasa, with the other ingredients, in water or chicken broth. You don't need anything else, the Kielbasa adds all the flavor you need. I like to sprinkle in some brown sugar now and then. Serve it over cooked noodles, rice or potatoes. You could also cook it in butter but it adds lots of fat and calories. I cook them until the onions are golden brown and sweet.

Since it rained today, we really needed it, our playdate at the park is tomorrow. The kids will only have half lessons for the day. If anyone has any cute ideas to make snacks into heart shapes, please share. I found a couple, but would really like a few more ideas. Also if anyone knows where I can purchase kids Valentines that are not with all the corny sayings, I would love to know that too. We may just end up making our own.


Anne said...

This sounds delicious (I'm a nice Polish girl and love kielbasa). And, if I make it as your original recipe (without all the added fat) it is dairy free. Sounds like a win-win to me.

betchai said...

I don't have pinterest, but have heard from some friends it is really good site, love the hairstyle, and the food looks yummy

Melissa said...

Anne it is one of my favorite dishes. I don't like all the fat though, from the kielbasa, but if I buy the turkey kielbasa it is a little better.

Thank you, Betchai. You should try Pinterest, if you ever want to sell some of your beautiful pictures it is a great way to get them seen.

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