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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the actual date of my 6th wedding anniversary. Yes, those of you that are good at math, that means I had children before I was married, gasp! Since I work overnights tonight, and Craig had a class today, we couldn't do anything special today. We have never gone out without our kids, I always feel guilty. But yesterday, my mom came and stayed with them. They watched Dolphin Tale, which now I can not wait to see, had popcorn, and painted. We went to dinner at Carrabas, which I must admit it was fantastic. I even had some leftover to bring my mom. We were going to see a movie, but since we didn't plan our time effectively, none of them were starting until 7. So instead we went bowling. We had a ball, but I can not bowl and I mean I can not bowl. Bowling was not as affordable as I remember, did I mention it has been 20 years, 36 bucks for two people, for an hour. However, it would have probably cost that much to see the movie, so there you go.

Now for the pictures. I mentioned it is my anniversary. It is also my MIL birthday. Unfortunately she passed away before I met Craig. Since we are here, and she is still in NY, every year we buy some kind of plant in her honor. This year we bought three. Although I didn't realize it these are all annuals. But, I think because we are in FL they will come back since it stays warm. I just won't put them in the ground, instead in containers, so I can take them in when it is cold. Walmart had the cutest teacup planters, I want them so bad. You see Caitlin with the flowers. The pink one she is holding is actually going into the Chiapet they got me for Christmas. Then I am going to use the grass seeds that came with the Chiapet for an extra special Science lesson. I can't share it yet.

The second picture is actually the ring I made for myself to go with my wedding band. Since I bought the new camera I have had a very difficult time getting jewelry pictures that are clear. I finally figured out the right setting, and just thought I would see what it would look like taken with the plant. I took several shots, and I think they are very creative. If you would like to see the others I took, you can visit my jewelry blog, Melissa's Jewelry and Gems. I hope to get all my pieces taken this way, then they all have to be uploaded, very time consuming.


Pearl said...

Happy anniversary to you and your husband. Many more blessings to come!

Anne said...

It sounds like you had a great anniversary! Buying a plant is such a lovely tradition.

momto8 said...

happy Anniversary!

Melissa said...

Thank you to all of you!

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