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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break and Reflection Photography

Thursday was a full day of lessons, you can see lesson plan below. Friday was grocery shopping, and yes I count this as part of school time, because not only do they have to learn to act appropriately in the store, but they have to compare prices and help pick products. DJ now can go into Save A Lot himself, get his donuts and pizza, and bring me back the change. He is very proud of this. Plus they help me remember things I need, that I forgot to put on the list. It is very helpful. DJ also had to read his lesson on controlling the lighting, which mainly had to do with flash and reflecting light. We used his finger, masking tape, and just plain turning off the flash for this lesson. He also had fun with using a mirror to reflect light. This is a chapter that could use some more practice. Learning to aim the flash away from your object being photographed, takes a lot of practice. All his pictures, he has taken throughout this year, will eventually be posted to his blog. It is quite a timely process. We also watched a documentary on the ocean, on Friday, and that pretty much rounded out the day. Now we are on Spring break. Yes, we took it the week after public school, but that is because we have family coming to visit and we didn't want to have to worry about school work. With that said, DJ will have to do Spanish lessons, and Caitlin will have to do one cycle of Head of the Class, most days. I too will have work, report cards are due. Still will leave tons of time for relaxing, and enjoying some out of state family time.

A quick question for any of you who might know. DJ is the Historian for his 4H group this year. He is required to put together a scrap book of our year, by June. I need printable templates for scrapbooking, preferably free, with clover design preferably. If I can buy then rather than print them, that would be OK too. I am going to start searching for them, but if anyone knows off hand of where I can find them, it would save me some time of searching for them. Thanks and have an awesome weekend!

Lesson Plans For 03/22/12:
Language Arts: Irregular verbs
Social Studies: Chapter 28 Middle Ages, and map skills
Treasure Island: Literature Unit
Science: National Zoo
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 83

Head of the Class: 4 cycles
Math: Addition, subtraction, place value
Language Arts: Reading comprehension, verbs
Spelling: Write out each word


starfall said...

congrats kid your are having fun.

Anonymous said...

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leave a request everything is FREE!!

betchai said...

oh, so love that picture of DJ having so much fun

Melissa said...

Thanks, everyone! Betchai DJ is having a ball learning all the ways to take good pictures.

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