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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Park Day, Art Class and 4H Fair

Yesterday's lesson plans will be listed below. Today was park day, and the weather was quite warm. I changed park day to 10-12 just because of this reason, and I still got raccoon eyes, lol! After park day, Caitlin and I came home to have Art class. This is not our usual painting day, but I wanted to paint. So Caitlin started a new paint by number, not shown, and I painted the bottle and the painting below. I am still learning which techniques I am most comfortable with. Caitlin's new painting will take her some time to complete, especially since she paints like ten minutes then goes and plays, lol! The picture frame shown, was Caitlin's entry into the 4H fair. She got a Clover Bud ribbon, next year she will be 8 so will be able to get placement ribbons. DJ won 2nd place for his ladybug photo, he won second place last year too for his sea lion. I told him next year he has to take a picture of something related to Agriculture as those always seem to be the first place preference to the 4H judges. DJ went to a friend's house, after park day, to work on his Art for Peace project. I can't wait to see what he came up with, when I pick him up later. I painted one other small project today, but you will have to visit my jewelry blog to see that.

Yesterday was a complete full day of school, with all lessons covered. We are in our last semester of school, if you can believe that.

Lesson Plans For 03/20/12:

Health: Growth and Development, adolescence
Science: National Zoo endangered animals
Reading Comprehension
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 82
Treasure Island literature unit
Social Studies: Chapter 27 Middle Ages, and map skills

Head of the Class: 3 cycles
Math: Addition, subtraction, and place value
Printing Practice
Social Studies: Fire Safety
Science: Plants and Seeds


betchai said...

am sure you already have a lot of collections from your painting class, melissa. beautiful art work again.

peter said...

nice work.!
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Melissa said...

Thank you!

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