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Thursday, March 8, 2012

US Constitution: 3 Branches of Government

Yesterday we had a playdate at the park, from 12-2. Each kid had to complete at least three assignments before that time, they did thank goodness. We are at the end of our third grading quarter tomorrow, so report cards will be done in a timely fashion, or at least in theory they will, lol. I was smart enough to keep up with the grading of the papers this quarter, so that will make it much easier. I can't believe we only have one quarter left until Summer vacation.

Since we have been studying the US Constitution this year, and we are up to the 3 branches of government, I thought the kids would like a little video to help explain it in a more fun way. You can see the video below too. Today the weather is beautiful, so Caitlin is having a hard time concentrating. It will be a full day of lessons and housework. Oh if anyone is interested I got the lesson for the Constitution on Edhelper. I pay 20 dollars a year, and have access to most of the lesson plans. I print DJ's reading literature units from there as well.

Tomorrow is grocery shopping in the morning, and then DJ will begin a new reading book, The Indian in the Cupboard, a writing assignment on his blog, and one Spanish assignment. Caitlin will be basically be doing just math tomorrow. Since my wedding anniversary is Saturday, and I have to work, and Craig has class, we will be going out together tomorrow eve for dinner and a movie. This is the first year we will not be taking the children. My mom will be staying with them, and I am buying Dolphin Tale, for them to enjoy together.

So those are my plans for the rest of the week. What are is everyone else up to?


Mary said...

Thanks for sharing!

betchai said...

i love it these days that we have lots of videos to see to supplement our reading and learning which sometimes can be boring, wish we had this before.

Anne said...

Happy Anniversary!

Melissa said...

Thank you Anne!

Betchai I agree it certainly makes teaching and learning more interesting.

Mary, thank you, please stop by again.

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