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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Painting On Plastic Easter Eggs

Even though we are on Spring Break, we decided to have our regularly scheduled painting class yesterday, rather than reschedule. And since Easter is next Sunday, I wanted to get the Easter eggs done when my mom was here. We used acrylic paints and painted on plastic Easter eggs. Since no one really eats the hard boiled variety, this works for me. These particular eggs will be filled and hidden by the Easter Bunny. I have treated them once with a sealant, and will do one more time. I wish I had gone for the pastel variety, rather than the darker colored eggs, but I will know for next year. Also these eggs have holes already drilled in them for stringing and making garland, or hanging on a tree as ornaments. DJ did not participate, as he was already doing something else. I know most of you don''t know me personally, but I get distracted easy and some of my eggs were not as thorough as I normally would do, lol! This is an easy and affordable project for you to do. Acrylic paints go a long way.

We will be going back to Shired Island tomorrow eve, to spend the last night with my sister and bil. Then they will head back to NC. It has been a fun week off, though I still have not done report cards, too many other fun things going on.


Anne said...

I think your eggs look gorgeous. What an amazing idea.

Melissa said...

Thank you, Anne!

Ebie said...

This painting activity is a lot of fun for all ages. Love what you did, and the colors are just perfect!

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