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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shired Island, FL

We decided to take our Spring Break this week, because my sister and brother in law were coming to town. They decided to stay at Shired Island. If you like being on the Gulf of Mexico that is quiet and remote, then Shired Island is for you. At 20 dollars a day, with electric and bathrooms, you really can not beat the price. Plus it is beautiful. The Gulf is not known for blue waters, but my kids don't mind, they love the water. We went out at dinner time yesterday because we had to wait for my hubby to get home, and DJ wanted to get some sunset and shadows pictures. As you can see he got some doozys. The kids swam, even my sister got in, the guys cooked, we ate and then walked the beach. It was the end of high tide when we got there, so there were some goodies that washed up after the tide receded. I always look for Sea Glass, but never find any there. There was a pretty large stingray, I would say at least 18 inches across, that had washed up and the Turkey Vultures were eating it, see pictures. Then we found a Horseshoe Crab, which Horseshoe Beach and Shired Island is kind of famous for. The first one had no tail, but was still alive, so we helped it back to the water. The second one was complete and intact, but dead with very little flesh left. DJ took it for a souvenir, it is currently sitting outside in a pit letting the bugs finish cleaning it. We saw a dead bird of some kind, not sure, pretty much not much left. And one tiny little crab that looked a lot like a spider. Only one Blue Crab, but he too was deceased. Last time we went we saw a baby armadillo, unfortunately it was dead too. The sunset was phenominal and peaceful. Shired Island is actually the northern part of the nature refuge that we volunteer at, that is how big it is, almost two hours apart by car.

My sister stayed the night with us, and then we all hung out today at our house and just visited and relaxed. Tired now, and tomorrow is another busy day. We did decide we would paint our Easter eggs tomorrow, as it is a regular paint day, and my sister decided to join in. Her hubby will do whatever he does, lol! After my hubby gets home we are off to the Chinese Buffet for dinner. More pictures tomorrow of the eggs. See everyone soon, and I will catch up on drops and comments asap. BTW don't mind my hair, the wind was whipping out there, glad I decided to put it up.


peter said...

nice clicks..

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Anne said...

It looks absolutely gorgeous and sounds like you had a great time.

Melissa said...

Thanks Peter and Anne. Anne, we are going back tomorrow, and then they will be leaving. I miss them already.

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