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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Painting Class Today

Today was painting class with my mom. Picture number one is my painting. I opted for an Easter theme, painting on a cross with flowers, two bunnies, and some Easter eggs. This was the last placemat, and all four are now completed.

Picture number two is DJ's painting. He continues to work on his landscape picture. When it is completed it will be a painting of our backyard. He is also entering an art contest, for which I will share the details in a couple of days.

Caitlin painted a fish. It is a paint by number, with the smallest numbers I have ever seen in my life. It came with its own special painting pens. She actually started working on it a couple of days ago, and finished in painting class today.

This afternoon we went to the park, for Caitlin's playdate with her friend. While DJ was there, he let the girls be. It is thundering and icky out now, so anytime now is a good time to go to bed, lol!


betchai said...

wow, you all do great painting, wish I can join your class.

Anne said...

The paintings are beautiful. You all are definitely developing your skills.

Melissa said...

Thanks ladies! You can tell I have been putting some extra time into it.

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