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Monday, March 19, 2012

The History of the Automobile in the US

As you may already know, Henry Ford, did not invent the automobile. He did however, invent the Assembly Line, which exploded the manufacturing and affordability of the automobile. That is what our co-op lesson today was about. It was DJ's turn to pick and this is the topic he chose. Since he really wanted to do car designing, I printed off some cars each kid could design themselves. You really need to check out the Henry Ford Museum, it has some really awesome things there that your car lover will love. In the essence of time, I chose a video on Netflix with Harpo Marx, that was quite humorous. Then we read about Linkthe Assembly Line, the pros, cons and how it changed life in America. I will provide Linka bunch of links below, so you can make your own lesson, how your kids will like it.

Have fun with it, we did! This lesson can cover both History and Science in your school day. Since we also designed our own car, Art is also covered.

I also forgot to mention that we walked before the class, and DJ did a Spanish assignment once our friends had left.


Anne said...

That sounds like a great lesson.

Melissa said...

Thanks Anne! I had a good time making this one.

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