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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How Coins Are Made

Yesterday, we did a group lesson with two other homeschool families, on how coins are made in the US. The video below goes through the process, except it is for new coins. Older coin models the design stays the same and is just used over and over in the process. The two younger kids got a print out of a penny to color, and decorate in their own style. The older children had to do a timeline of pennies. This was accomplished by having each family provide ten pennies, with ten different dates on them. Then one child called out the date of the penny, a second child used to look up what happened in history for that year, and the third child plotted and wrote on the timeline the date and event that occurred. The timeline of course took the most time, as the video and virtual tour were quite fast. There was not a big selection of videos to choose from, which was kind of disappointing. There is a full virtual tour at the US Mint, that you can view, but we opted not to this time, for the sake of time. WLinke also went on a walk, and then had playtime. All in all a good and beautiful day. Next Monday, we go to the next families home to see what education fun they will plan. The links I used are below. Feel free to browse through the US Mint, they have awesome education lesson plans, that I
am sure I will use again in the future, and for free.


momto8 said...

we are going to the Phila mint this summer. My one son collects much to learn from this hobby!! the numbers alone help him with his math skills!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Melissa said...

That is awesome! I am sure you will have a blast. My son collects coins too. My mom got him started with it. I try to buy him a new set from the Mint once a year.

Anne said...

I love the idea of the history timeline. My kids would probably enjoy that. My older daughter likes history and my younger daughter likes money.

Melissa said...

I think the timeline was kind of time consuming, but it was enjoyable. I think I will use it again for another project. My younger daughter likes money too, especially if she doesn't have to earn it, lol!

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