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Thursday, October 15, 2009

All Saints Day, Halloween

I must do a follow up on yesterday's post. I must thank Anne from Small Town Mommy, for reminding me to look for an animal rescue, rather than trying the County shelter. I did find one, in the next town over, it is fairly new, and takes only cats. I had already taken the kitten to the shelter before I found it, but I am putting it here, as I am sure there will be more. I was assured by the County Shelter that they are a no kill shelter, and that they have no problem placing kittens. Hmm not what I was told the last time I called, and asked about them taking kittens. Not to mention, it is a nice, shiny, brand new building, bought and paid for by us the tax payers, that they claim they will no longer serve. I must say I was quite astonished yesterday, at one of the responses I received when trying to find a suitable, safe place for this poor animal. I was basically told that I probably was the real owner of said non fixed cat, that keeps breeding, and I just simply did not want to feed, or care for the kitten. I can tell you I was angry, and gave the person a rather not nice verbal spout off. If I did not care about said kitten, I could easily drown it in my swimming pool, and no one would be the wiser. I could have left it out in the elements, alone without nourishment, to be eaten by a dog, or hit by a car. The person on the other end told me that would be abuse, and I could get in trouble. Obviously fool, I was being sarcastic, I said really, what do you call why you guys will not fix this problem that has been here for years? Then I reminded him that I had spent hours on the phone, trying to find a place for this kitten, only to get accused, the run around, not to mention I still have two male cats from the last litter that I am still feeding and caring for, so please don't tell me I am just trying to rid myself of kittens that are mine, because they are not mine. Technically they are the towns, she was here when I moved here two years ago, breeding ever since. This will be a battle, I can already tell. The town has no intentions of giving in, and providing animal services, and the county does not appear to want to give in either. I made it very clear that I think the town is neglecting these animals, and something needs to be done. I have no intentions of fixing, feeding, and caring for all these animals. I am not the town pound, nor am I the Cat Lady.

Now onto my next bit of irritation. I have said before I respect everyone's opinion, we all have one after all. However I must take a stand when someone calls me a downright sinner, and betrayer of God, in a public forum. Now I will say I do not generally care what people think of me, but this was really out of line. We were discussing Halloween, and costumes for kids, and she said she does not celebrate Halloween, because it is evil. I said OK, that was your right, but that I thought it was just harmless fun, for kids. She came back and said I was sinning, and basically worshiping the Devil. So ok, I did some research. If there are people who have made Halloween into something bad, that does not mean the rest of us are sinners. All Saints Day, is a religious holiday celebrated by many Catholics. It is celebrated on Nov 1st with, Oct 31st being All Hallows Eve. It is celebrated basically to honor all the Saints, both known, and unknown. It is not a Devil worship holiday. It was never intended to be that, nor has it ever been that in my own home. It is fun to dress up, and be someone else for a night, and pretend life is just a lot of fun. What is wrong with that? If you would like to read about the actual history of All Saints Day, you can go here.

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