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Monday, October 26, 2009

Subtracting With Zeros, Plant Life Cycle

Do your kids have a hard time subtracting numbers with zeros? DJ is having a bit of a hard time getting the concept. This short video should help him, and your child too. He explains it simple, and easy.

Tomorrow for Science we are studying the plant life cycle. The short video below will help your young learners to understand the concept. If you have the time actually planting some seeds, and carrying out the cycle, will further help their understanding. It is a cheap, and easy experiment to do. We plant seeds every spring, and we are going to try some winter ones this year. I must say if we had to live off the fruits of my labors, we would surely starve LOL. Practice makes perfect, that is what I always say. Tomorrow I will post an easy melting ice experiment you can do right from home.

Lesson Plans For 10/27/09:

Melting ice experiment, the plant life cycle
Math: Addition, subtraction, division
Language Arts: Subject/verb agreement, prefixes, nouns
Spelling/Vocab: Write each spelling word two times each
Cursive Writing
Reading Comprehension: Worksheet Lost

Letter sound recognition
Printing practice
Reading: HOP Ann's Hat week two
Site words
Math: Food count
Science: Plant life cycle
On and off: Worksheet
Alphabet book: Letter Y



Anne said...

You always have a video for every need. When my kids are having trouble understanding something, I know who to contact :). You will definitely send me in the right direction.

Chiara said...

You certainly zip along!

Melissa said...

Anne, thank you, you are very kind.
Chiara, actually I am a bit behind, and playing some catch up from playdates.

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