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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Melting Ice Science Experiment

Since I couldn't find a cool video on the milk industry, I am posting this cool, and easy science experiment on melting ice. If you click the images, you can make them larger, and easier to read. Tomorrow I have a couple more fun things to share with you, on the milk industry, and pilgrim craft.

Lesson Plans For 10/28/09:

Social Studies: History of the milk industry, coming to America a Pilgrim story
Math: Subtraction, multiplication, multiplication facts
Language Arts: Nouns, subject of a sentence, prefixes
Spelling/Vocab: Use each vocabulary word in a sentence
Cursive Writing
Reading Comprehension with worksheet

Social Studies: History of the milk industry, Pilgrim craft
Math: Food count, Pioneer counting at pioneer village
Letter sound recognition: Worksheet
Printing Practice
Reading: HOP Ann's Hat
Site words
Alphabet book: Letter Z


Tes said...

interesting experiment!

Melissa said...

We still have to do it, the kids are excited.

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