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Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun Friday The Letter A

Well it is Fun Friday again, and I have not heard from any of my members to know if they are going to participate this week. There has been a lot going on this week, with some of them, so possibly not. Anyway the assignment was to pick a word starting with the letter A, and then write about it. Now I must say I had a hard time choosing, so many choices. I thought about ants, fire ants to be exact, and how I could use an aardvark to eat them, since nothing else we try gets rid of the awful critters. Then being we live in Florida I thought of alligators, nah too scary. Then adorable came to mind, with pics of my kids as babies. How about awareness, for breast cancer awareness month. All of these would have been great options, but then I remembered it was Autumn, and what is a main staple of Autumn, but acorns. We do not get a whole lot of acorns here in the South, not many Oak trees. But we used to get them in NY, tons of them. We used to make crafts with them, all kinds of crafts. It is great fun to watch the squirrels, hunting, and gathering them. If you go here, you will read all about acorns. I had no idea there were so many different kinds, and some are sweet to eat. I did not know humans could actually eat acorns too. Native Americans used them in several recipes, and it is quite a process to store them, as they can get rancid, and grow mold, Yum. I am fairly certain the one tree we have in our yard, is in fact an Oak tree, however it does not produce acorns. This may be because it has not reached maturity yet. Acorns only grow on mature Oak trees. It is rather small yet, so I guess that would be the case. Watch this cool video, to learn about acorns, and the squirrels that collect them. They have some neat tidbits of info in there. Happy Fun Friday, everyone.


Ebie said...

Hi Mel, I joined today's fun friday post. This is very educational and I did not know that acorns can be used as part of a recipe. Talking about squirrel, it reminds me of the recent movie in 3D, must be Ice Age, about two of them fighting for one acorn.

Salitype said...

hi! like you i was looking for acorns around but sadly i only saw a tiny green bud! never the mind, better luck next time.

like ebie, i too, doesn't know it can be used as recipe. i always thought its for squirrels and the likes to feast upon.

salitype has the first entry for blogging for fun...yipee!

betchai said...

oh, i too did not know the many recipes of preparing acorns. i knew they can be eaten, but i always wondered how they were prepared.

Tes said...

Very educational -cool information. I joined the fun Friday, but yeah...didn't seem as if everyone was up for it...but mine is just there. I included a video too.

Melissa said...

A lot more people joined than I expected, it was a rough week. I think I have gotten to everyones and left comments.

Laura said...

I always wondered how they found the nuts they buried. Now I know.

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