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Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun Friday The Letter E: The Ear

Guess what? It is Fun Friday, at my Blogging For Fun Group. We are doing a A-Z meme, and we are up to the letter E. We have been studying the senses, in school, so this weeks was quite easy to choose. All this info posted today, will be a lesson plan for Health, next Thursday. If you homeschool, or just want your kids to get some cool info, please feel free to use it. If you click the picture to the left, it will enlarge, and you can print it. Be sure to check out the videos, they are short, and neat. DJ is posting a cool post on Bald Eagles, be sure to check it out at his blog.

Here are some very cool facts about the Ear:

1- The middle ear bones are the smallest bones in your body.
2- The amplitude of their vibrations for just-audible sounds is comparable to the diameter of a hydrogen atom.
3- The cochlea is encased in the hardest bone in the body, so cool!


Ebie said...

Hi Melissa, I love your informative post and there are things that I don't even recall learning or maybe I did not pay attention, hahaha!

I precious my hearing sense that I do not even own an IPOD.

Have a great weekend!

Salitype said...

ah the ear! one of the senses that is failing me or maybe i am getting old?

have a fantastic weekend!


betchai said...

i seldom get my ear into trouble, but when i have it, i know it is truly a pain! thankfully, i only had ear problems once, i tried to take care of it and don't touch it even if it is so itchy at the height of my allergies.

Melissa said...

Thanks guys. I know when my allergies are acting crazy my ears itch like crazy too. It is awful, because it is way down deep, and you can't itch it if you want to.

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