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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Boys In Pink, Undefeated, and Seasons

Wow how is that for a headliner. Yesterday the NFL, or National Football League, helped increase breast cancer awareness by wearing the color pink. Yes, big, burly football players in pink. Some wore pink cleats, pink caps, pink wristbands, pink logos on their jersey or helmet. As a woman I must personally thank the NFL, their players, and coaches for making breast cancer awareness, more aware. Speaking of football, I won yesterday, maintaining my undefeated status. It is so very exciting. Thanks to all of you who wished me luck, and to Peyton Manning, the best QB ever. Without him, and his average of 100 points per week, has made me unstoppable.

Tomorrow for Science we are going over the four seasons. DJ already did a post, on his take of the seasons, know he gets the lesson plan. Below are two cute videos, that help to explain the seasons, and the earth movements.


Tellie said...

Oooh love the videos, wish there was something that catchy when I was in school, haha.

Congrats on the fantasy football thing. Although I hate football with a passion, unless of course my beloved Ravens happen to be playing.

Melissa said...

Thank you Tellie

Anne said...

Congrats on fantasy football. I don't watch football, but I love to play games so might enjoy it more if I was invested in the outcome. I love the videos. I will have to show my girls.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Anne, hope your kids like the videos.

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