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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

History Of The Dairy Industry, and Where Does Milk Come From

Click the images to make them bigger, and printable. These came from our Social Studies workbook. They are for two different days, but we do them in one day. You will need to use the internet, for research. We are also still doing Pilgrims, and colonial days, and we got this weeks lesson from Instructor Web. It is 30 dollars for a year subscription, with total access, to all their lessons. This is my first time using them, and I like it very much. If you homeschool, you know how extremely expensive curriculums, and books can be. You do not need to spend a fortune, though. Down at the bottom of this blog, are links I have accumulated through two, and a half years of homeschooling. Most are free, or very inexpensive, plus other resources homeschoolers will love. I will be adding more, as I continue to clean out my favorites, and add them here to this blog. I can not believe how much info I have accumulated over the years. Be sure to check them out, none of them are affiliate links, just me sharing info I have found, through many hours of searching. I have used most of them myself, or intend to use them in the future, that is why I saved them. By the way if you go back in my archives, to last year at this time, there is a cool set of videos on The First People, we will be using it again this year.

Lesson Plans For 10/29/09:

Health: The fat group
Math: Multiply by 10's, division, add 4 digit numbers
Language Arts: Sentence structure, prefixes, verbs
Spelling/Vocab: Write each word two times each
Cursive Writing
Reading Comprehension: History of candy corn, with ws. I will post this tomorrow.

Health: Body part identification, sense of hearing
Math: Food count, animal count
Letter sound recognition worksheet
Printing practice
Reading: HOP Ann's Hat
Site words
Sequencing: Worksheet

Both my kids have decided they no longer want to learn Spanish, but would love to learn sign language. So I will be changing that part of the curriculum, and if anyone knows of free sites that teach sign language, drop me a note.


Anne said...

I always think it is great when kids learn about where their food originates. So many of us live so far from where it starts that it is easy to think that food comes from a grocery store.

Melissa said...

When I was a kid, a hundred years ago, we went on a field trip to a farm to watch the process.

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