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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Writing Prompts For Each Month, 4th Grade

Tomorrow is test day, here at Melissa's Homeschool. So I get to share a few other things with you, rather than just our lesson plans. I found the coolest site where daily writing prompts are already made out for you. I do not use every one, because there are other writing assignments I want DJ to do, and we don't do writing every day this year. They are good though, and you can find them here. If your child needs ideas for writing, check them out, or needs a little extra practice after school hours.

I also found a cool website where your youngster can learn First Aid for free. There is an age limit, so be sure to check it out. I can not tell you how important I feel it is for children to know basic First Aid. How, and when to call 911, should also be taught at a very young age that is appropriate. We will be adding it to our Health Curriculum, next year, when DJ is 10. I hope it will still be available by then, for now you can certainly use it.

Tomorrow is also Fun Friday, and DJ will be doing his writing assignment around our topic. If you would like to join our Blogging for Fun group, click on the green box, in the left hand column.

As soon as my printer is back up, and running again, I will be scanning some really cool Halloween recipes, from one of my favorite specialty books. Your kids will love these.

We have no school on Monday.


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