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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Colonial America, 13 Colonies

We had a lovely day, at the park, this morning. So I only have time for a quick post. Check out the videos below, covering Colonial America the 13 colonies.

Lesson Plans For 11/19/09:

Health: The senses, smell, and taste
Language Arts: Prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations
Math: Division, multiplication, problem solving
Cursive Writings
Spelling/Vocab: Write each definition two times each

Health: The senses
Reading: HOP Rag Gets Wet
Alphabet Book: Letter H
Site words
Math: Adding
Picture Word Identification: Worksheet

1 comment:

Emil Croskey said...

Thanks for all the home schooling information. I am beginning to homeschool my kids this year. I'll be back soon.

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