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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Senses Song, Crocs, Hamsters, and A Turkey Craft, Multiplying Two Numbers

Tomorrow is test day, so I get to post whatever I want today, and this is what I want to post. Click the image of the turkey, and your little ones can make this cute Turkey craft. I still have no hamster, and quite frankly Walmart is irritating me, again. It has been two weeks, Saturday, since this all began. I somehow doubt it takes two weeks to transport hamsters, that were due two Tuesdays ago. I call them every day, and every day they assure me, I will get mine.

On a better note, if you love Crocs, you know those overly ugly shoes, that are oh so comfortable, they are having a huge sale this week. Mostly sports logos Crocs, are marked down to 9.99, kids, and adults. I bought four pairs, as Christmas gifts. If you love them, or have someone in your family who does, do not miss the awesome sale at Crocs website.

Today for Health class we are finishing up the senses. I found this cute song, for kids to learn the senses, and another informational video, to help kids remember. These are geared more towards young learners. We are also just starting to learn multiplying two numbers. The short video below will show your learners, an easy way to remember how to do it. They also have a website, which is all video related learning, and if your child needs extra help in math, check it out. I thought it was kind of expensive, but I probably would not if I needed the tutoring help.


Femmepower said...

Oh thanks for the crocs link.i wanna feast my eyes on them. Also,I could use the video on multiplication to teach my daughter, instead of the usual tutoring we do everyday. I think she'll find it refreshing to use videos in learning math and others from time to time.

Ebie said...

I got a pair of crocs and I got it at a bargain price, hehehe, clearance section! I better check out the link!

Melissa said...

I love the Crocs. They are not very attractive, but my feet love them.

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