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Monday, November 9, 2009

Update On Zhu Zhu Pets, and Walmart, Seed Dispersal, Tropical Storm Ida

If you read my post yesterday, then you know I am totally mad at Walmart. I spent a good part of the day yesterday calling other Walmarts to see why I was unable to buy the ones on the shelf. In the end I found out they were to be released for sale at midnight, of the day I was in the store, but some ninny put them on the shelf before hand. All five of them. So when I talked to the 1-800-Walmart person today, and asked them why the store either didn't know, or just didn't tell me to come back at midnight, and I could buy one? He did not have an answer, what a surprise. So I filed a complaint against the store, for having merchandise on the shelf, that was not available to purchase. I said I wanted to be contacted when it had been reviewed, and a solution reached. Then I called the local store back to see if they had in stock. The toy manager of course said no, and did not know when he would get them, been trying for months. I said hmm they just had them the other day, and I was told I could not purchase them, again big dead space with no explanations. So yet again, I wait. I bought the starter house, two months ago, and not been able to find one stupid hamster for the price of 8 dollars, the correct price, but I could pay 30 dollars, for one hamster, yeah right that might happen. I really would like to know why Walmart, and other stores allowed people to buy large quantities of these hamsters, only to price gouge those of us who want them on Ebay. So I went to Target, and though they do not have any in stock, they did have a email alert system, I signed up for. So when they are available to purchase on Target, online, I will hopefully get one. Why could Walmart not simply offer that? I am assuming, and accusing that their staff are being unprofessional and buying them up for themselves, and that is just not right. I will keep you posted on how this whole, crazy thing ends up. In the mean time if you have no idea what a Zhu Zhu pet is, you can watch the video. In my opinion it is by far the dumbest toy ever, though I suppose better than having a real hamster running around, oh yuck. Oh yeah just to make my week better Hurricane Ida, now Tropical Storm Ida, is making a beeline for the Florida Coast. If I lose power, I may not be online for a bit.

Lesson Plans For 11/10/09: Half Day

Science: Seed dispersal, see video below, and Plant Process
Social Studies: Thanksgiving
Vocab/Spelling: Write each word three times each
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction
Language Arts: Suffixes, prefixes
Cursive Writing

Social Studies: Thanksgiving
Reading: HOP review books read so far
Printing Practice
Good Eating: Worksheet
Site Words
Math: Adding to ten


Melissa said...

I just got a call from my local Walmart. The store manager said the hamsters should be in soon, and he will save me one, and call me when he has it. Hooray!

Anne said...

Excellent! I hope it works out for you. You have shown great dedication in hunting down your hamster (I assume it is for the kids). Let us know when he joins the family.

Melissa said...

LOL since I think it is a pretty dumb toy, it is definitely for Caitlin.

ZhuZhu Mom said...

good luck to everyone searching for them!! they are not on the shelf anyplace for more than like 20 minutes, accessories are selling like crazy as welll...

Melissa said...

I sent my husband back to Walmart last eve, and they promised me the didn't forget me.

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