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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nothing Exciting Today!

I am sorry to say I have nothing exciting going on in my life today. Tomorrow is test day, read chapters 7 and 8, of Little House on the Prairie with summary, writing Letter G. That is pretty much it. So I guess you will have to look at this cute picture of my daughter riding a pony at the circus. I am now putting pictures on my blogs, because I had an awful virus that wiped out almost my whole hard drive. I lost all my pictures, I really should print them more than once a year. Anyway if I put them on my blogs, and my computer goes down, I still have access to my pictures. Clever, if you ask me, but maybe not. I am still waiting for my hamster. Assistant manager called me yesterday, to say they are still in transit, and he is off the next three days. He assured me that my name was everywhere, and everyone knew I was to get a hamster as soon as they came. So, I still wait. Well that is pretty much it for today, sorry it was so unexciting. Have a great day!

Oh I almost forgot I do have the third book of The Pilgrim Stories, go here to get yours

Be sure to sign up for their newsletter. I don't keep them all, but there is something for everyone.


Ebie said...

Hahaha! I've read about your story and walmart and black friday!

I am glad you are getting your hamster soon!

Melissa said...

I should have it any day now.

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