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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Moon Sand Amusement Park

If you have a five year old child, like mine, that sees the commercials for Moon Sand, and says I want that. If you are anything like me, you think no, I am not spending 25 dollars, on a toy full of sand. But you can now get it for 12.50 at Target. Yes, I did buy one, it came the other day, and I hope I will not be kicking myself by New Years. Walmart still has these for 25 dollars, so you can get 50% off at Target.

Lesson Plans For 11/16/09:

Reading: Read chapters 9 and 10, of Little House on the Prairie, with summaries
Cursive Writing
Writing: See DJ's blog
Spelling/Vocab: Look up the definition for each word
Language Arts: Suffixes, prefixes
Math: Addition, subtraction, problem solving

Reading: HOP Hippo Gets A Pet
Alphabet Book: Letter F
Math: Addition
Printing Practice
Cleaning Up: Recycling WS
Picture word identify: WS


betchai said...

i have not heard about moon sand and a toy full of sand :) all i know i am longing right now to play with a lot of sand, so maybe if i were a 5 year old, i will ask for moon sand toy as well :)

hope you have a good weekend Melissa.

PS....sorry i still have not emailed you my mailing address. though i really appreciate being the winner, but somehow i get lost always when i am at my yahoo mailbox :(

Melissa said...

Betchai I will hold it until you are ready.

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