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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

School House Rock Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs

So what did you do this Veteran's Day? Me, not what I planned. I have not gotten hardly anything done. So far today I walked down to see the parade, only for it to rain, and then to find out public school kids had school today. What is up with that? So no little kids actually got to see the parade, collect the candy, or wave to Santa. What is up with that? So after walking back home, I promptly sent an email to the Chamber of Commerce telling them how dumb I thought that was, that public school kids did not even get to see the parade. It didn't actually have to be on Veteran's Day you know. Last time I checked Veteran's Day was a Federal Holiday. What is going on, anyway? The high school kids, and middle school kids, were allowed out to the street to see the parade, yeah they care about Santa, how dumb. I still have not gotten my promised hamster, from my local Walmart, though they do all know my name now, and even pronounce it right. The manager called me again today, while I was walking in the rain to the parade, to tell me they are still in transit, and my name is plastered all over the walls letting everyone know I am to get one as soon as they come in. Who knew one little letter to Walmart headquarters could get me so well known. Now my husband is trying not to fall off the ladder, it is raining after all, putting up Christmas lights. Please don't ask, the tree is going up today too. At least I got him to go past Columbus Day this year. For all of you whom your kids hate learning Language Arts, otherwise known as Grammar, here are some cool videos to help. For those of us who grew up in the 70's and 80's you know who School House Rock is, my kids love these, and if they listen to it enough, they actually remember what they hear. Your kids can watch them as many times as they want, and you will see improvement, I promise. I hope you are having a Veteran's Day, as interesting as mine. I didn't even mention the Confederate Flag, that was plastered all over. I guess I just won't go there. I did say I am not from the South, right?


Jen said...

School House Rock is awesome. The one about the Constitution I actually sang to myself during a final exam in high school and aced the test because of the song. Sorry you had a rotten veterans day.

Melissa said...

They are very catchy tunes. Not really a rotten day, just one of those days, you get to write about.

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