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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Contest Win A 1st Grade Sylvan Language Arts Workbook

First of all let me apologize to those of you who I told this would start a few days ago. My senility got the better of me this week. I had a guest blogger on Monday, and completely forgot to post the contest. This contest runs from 11/05/09 to 12/05/09, and is for a Sylvan 1st grade Language Arts workbook. This particular workbook retails for 18.99 on the Sylvan website, so it is a great offer. You get a three subject in one workbook. You get reading, vocabulary, and spelling, all in one book. So what do I think of this workbook? Well I will tell you. In the Spring, Sylvan contacted me for the first time, with a fourth grade set of workbooks to give to one of my readers, as well as a set for me. DJ is using the fourth grade set right now, and I love it. It is not a complete language arts curriculum, I do use supplemental material. However, the spelling, and vocabulary words have been a wonderful challenge for him. They are quite extensive for his age group. I also like the writing prompts at the back of the work book. So that gets me to the 1st grade book. Sylvan again contacted me, and asked me if I would be interested in sponsoring another give away. Of course I said yes. This time I picked the 1st grade Language Arts book, which Caitlin will use next year. Now this one I can say is 300 pages long, and appears to be a complete Language Arts curriculum, for first graders. It is also awesome for the child who may be behind a little bit, needs to catch up, or wants to get ahead of their class mates. There are various activities, that teach reading skills, spelling, and vocabulary.

Now how do you win this awesome workbook?
1- You must have a child that needs the workbook. It can be your own child, a grandchild, or niece, nephew. Please do not enter, if you do not personally have a child that needs it.

2- You must live in the US, with a US mailing address.

3- You must contact me via email, at and tell me the child's name, mailing address, and what they will be using it for.

4- If you have a blog, I would much appreciate you posting the contest on your blog. You do not have to be a blogger to enter, but if you do have a blog, this would be very much appreciated.

That is it, pretty easy, and self explanatory. This will be placed at the top of all my blogs until December 5th, at 8 AM. All names will be put in a hat, and one of my children will draw the winner out.


Anne said...

I am definitely going to enter. This sounds like a great resource.

Melissa said...

Good Luck Anne, you are number one so far.

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