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Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun Friday F Is For Fingers

Welcome to Fun Friday, with our Blogging For Fun Group. We are doing an A-Z challenge, and today is the letter F. Here at Melissa's Homeschool, we are studying the five senses. Of course one of the senses is touch. We all need touch to survive. Statistics have shown that very small babies, and the elderly who get no tactile stimulation, very often fail to thrive, and do very poorly in general.

So what can we do with our fingers, besides touch. Sign language, is one example of how people can use their fingers. Sign language is used for the hearing impaired, as well for children with learning disabilities, or speech problems. Basic sign language is not difficult to learn, and can be very useful in every day life. DJ, and Caitlin have decided they wish to give up Spanish, and learn Sign Language. If I had the time, I would do both, but there simply is not enough time. I used Paper Back Swap to get a free copy of American Sign Language instruction book. I hope to have it by next week.

Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Raikee, are all examples of how the fingers, hands, and sense of touch are used in helping the sick. Way back, when I lived in NY, and did not have kids, I took a class on Therapeutic Touch, and was able to use it in my field of work. It is amazing the charged energy you feel, when you both get, and give Therapeutic Touch. This is much different than massage, as you really do not touch the body, but use your hands to draw out the energy of a person. If you have never experienced it, you should find someone who can do it, it is pretty neat.

The blind have learned to use their hands, for thousands of years, to feel their surroundings. It is amazing what they can tell, just by touch, as to what we can see with our eyes. The use their fingers to learn Braille, for reading.

Those are just some amazing things about fingers, and the sense of touch. Happy blogging, everyone.


Femmepower said...

Sorry i missed Fun Friday again.I couldn't post pics from my sim card using this laptop.It won't read my card reader.sigh.I'll make it up next time.

Melissa said...

No problem Rochelle, I completely understand.

Ebie said...

There has been truth about the therapeutic touch, I have read. Since I started blogging, my ten fingers have been in constant use, hahahaha, blogging all the way!

Thanks for this lesson Melissa, its good to refresh every now and then!

Melissa said...

Yes, my fingers are always busy too.

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