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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Outraged At Walmart

Over two months ago I purchase a ZhuZhu pets hamster house, as a gift. I have been trying to get the hamsters ever since. You don't have them available online, and Ebay is selling them for almost four times as much. Yesterday, I was in my Chiefland, FL Walmart, and they had five in stock. I took two, and at cash out was told I could not purchase them because they had been recalled. I searched this, and not only is it untrue, but I found out Walmart put the hold on them for Black Friday. I am outraged by this. Not only do I not shop on Black Friday, I don't have any intentions of fighting with a bunch of crazy people over a toy hamster. I spend over 600 dollars a month at my local Walmart store. I need only one stupid hamster, I think you could be willing to help.

Not what I intended to post today, but I am completely p*****. They will not sell these stupid hamsters, waiting for Black Friday. I have contacted the store manager, and am now taking it all the way to the top of the Walmart command. This is the letter I sent to their complaint address, and I will be calling their main number, until I get a respectable answer.


betchai said...

sorry to hear about that Melissa, I think it is unfair. If they do not want it sold, they should have not placed it in the rack in the first place. I hope they will learn their mistake and should rightly sell those to you.

Melissa said...

I agree, and I found out the truth, after calling several other stores, was that they were being saved for some dumb midnight sale that same night I was in the store. They could have just told me that, and I would have gone back and gotten one. I will keep calling, and nagging them, until they make sure I get one. This is outrageous, it should have never been put on the rack to begin with.

Femmepower said...

I agree with betchai. that is so frustrating,melissa. hope they'll act properly on your complaint.

Melissa said...

It is very frustrating, and I am actually quite mad.

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