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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eat Free At Applebees, Part One Pilgrim Story

I was just thinking too bad today is not Wednesday, so I could join Anne, at Small Town Mommy, for what the hell Wednesday. I have a lot I could gripe about. Oh well if they are still here tomorrow maybe I will join in. I am sure if anyone has read the past few days, my one gripe is the stupid hamster I have been promised. It is now 11:44 AM, and the nice Walmart manager that called me yesterday, and promised I would have a hamster today, has still not called me. Not happy, am I. He has til 4 PM, and my magical fingers, shall write another letter.

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day, so be sure to thank the Vets. We will be going down to our small town parade. We have not gone in previous years, so I will let you know how that goes. Applebees is offering Vets, and active duty military, to eat free on Veteran's Day. I think this is so nice of them, that I even made a post about it.

We have no school tomorrow, but I would like to share this lovely pilgrim story. It is 3 parts, so I will be posting the other two parts, in the next few days. If you want to get all these freebies too, go to and sign up for the free newsletter, and they will send them to you automatically. We will be using the three part story, next week, in our lesson plans.


Anne said...

I am waiting for the update on the hamster. I want to know if we need to start a nasty letter writing campaign to Walmart (I am always looking for a reason to write nasty letters to Walmart). You are always welcome to WTH Wednesday.

Melissa said...

I sort of did a WTH Wednesday post, without the hell part. I don't care to have every conservative homeschooler after me. I am still waiting for my hamster, see new post. Thanks I might need some womanpower if it does not appear soon.

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