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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Animal and Plant Adaptation

Today is Science, and today the kids are studying plant and animal adaptations. Enjoy the two educational videos below. Habitats is something you learn in every elementary grade, right up to fifth grade. It is stressed a lot. Because coloring consumes so much of first grade, Caitlin is surrounded by coloring assignments today.

Lesson Plans For 02/08/11:

Science: Adaptation, Bouncing Back reading with questions
Math: Saxon 54
Sign Language
Spelling: Chapter 16 write each word three times each
Language Arts: Nouns
Head of the Class: 30 minutes

Science: Tadpole life cycle, dinosaur coloring, winter coloring page, owl coloring page, family tree
Printing Practice
Language Arts: Long oo, predict outcomes ws, odd word out ws
Math: Subtraction
Spelling: Numbers word search
Phonics: WS letter a
Clock work, calendar work, sight words, skip counting
Head of the Class: 30 minutes


Veronica Lee said...

Another great lesson, Melissa!

Have a nice day!!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Veronica Lee. Have an awesome week.

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