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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

History of Australia

Today for History class we continue our trip around the world in Australia. If you would like to see our other stops you can visit the archives. Below is a video and a brief history of Australia. The book shown is the book we have been using in our adventures around the world. It gives you lesson ideas for each geographical area.

Lesson Plans For 02/23/11:

Social Studies: Australia, Chapter 20 Ancient Times, Map Skills
Math: Saxon 54
Spelling: Review
Sign Language
Head of the Class: 30 minutes

Social Studies: Australia, family tree lesson
Math: Subtraction
Language Arts: Naming words, the big idea, prefixes
Phonics: Letter D
Clothing: Word Search'
Printing Practice
Clock work, calendar work, sight words, skip counting


Anne said...

Have a great "visit" to Australia.

Melissa said...

Thanks Anne!

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